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As the primary initiative for American Bombshells Patriotic Services, the ladies travel providing morale, camaraderie, and uplifting entertainment to wounded warriors, Veterans, and active duty Military at Military hospitals and Bases all over the Nation and the world. Each lady takes extra care to spend time and show each and every hero how important they are to this nation.


'Ambassadors for our Nation's Grattitude' is something we live by here at ABPS and truly take to heart. Making that life long friend or giving someone hope when they need it most can mean the world. The outpouring of letters and messages we receive from our 'Camaraderie Initiative' shows are proof that this gratitude and support for our heroes changes lives.

ABPS has teamed up with Alpha K-9 to facilitate services dogs to our Nation's Veterans. 'Alpha K9 is a Combat Disabled Veteran run Non-Profit organization dedicated to the principle of providing highly skilled and effective Service Dogs and Working Dogs to those whose lives depend on them.

Decades of military service and real world experience has allowed the Alpha K9 team to witness first hand the difficulties Veterans and those with Emotional Disabilities face. These experiences are the driving force behind the organization and the reason we adhere to the highest standards of training and ethics in the industry.'

Tomorrow's Patriots

Boots in Suits aids military veterans transitioning into the civilian workplace by providing warriors with gently worn suits. Our organization understands that having the right clothing for job interviews is just one step in the complex transition to civilian life, but it is a crucial one. Suits donated by individuals & corporations allow warriors to enter into this new “chapter” with pride, a sense of style, and dignity


All donations of “gently worn” suits, shirts and ties are tax-deductible. 


VETERANS IN NEED OF A SUIT: and include the following information: Your name, email, phone number, current address, branch & rank in addition to your DD214 (cross out your SS number) or if you are active, send us a copy of your military ID and your approximate EAS Date.

Tomorrow's Patriots is an all-American interactive experience and show for children of Military, Veterans, and anyone proud to be an American.  This fun and uplifting opportunity Inspires Patriotism facilitated by the American Bombshells who act as proud American role models that every child can relate to. 


The show features patriotic songs and children’s songs that they will know and love. Through our program, children get the chance to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, talk about why they think America is special, enjoy some sing-a-long portions of the show, and be a part of an event where they can express themselves and their love of country



in Suits
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